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A380’s extinction

Covid-19 is really making a lot of problems for aviation. The Airbus A380, for example, is at the brim of extinction. Emirates has already retired one of its A380s. Singapore Airlines has already planned to retire 5 A380s by 2021.

Covid-19 | The critical Malaysia Airlines situation

Hi, everyone. Today, I’m just gonna solemnly discuss about another painful subject: The shutting-down of Malaysia Airlines. A lot of airlines are trying to cope with the current Covid-19 situation. Malaysia Airlines’ future is not going to be good at all. Malaysia Airlines is struggling for some time. If Malaysia Airlines does not receive moreContinue reading “Covid-19 | The critical Malaysia Airlines situation”

My honest opinion on the world’s top 10 best airlines 2020 rated by Skytrax

For 2020, I was quite furious with Skytrax to put Emirates in fifth place. I know that putting ANA, Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways in the top 3 is no problem, but flying with Cathay Pacific is not always a good experience. Well, no I’m not critisising Cathay but you ought to get the point.Continue reading “My honest opinion on the world’s top 10 best airlines 2020 rated by Skytrax”

FedEx Express Flight 1026

On 19 August 2020, FedEx Express Flight 1026 suffered a gear collapse. The 767F was registered as N146FE. Skip to 0:56 for collapse part.


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