What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

Does everyone remember MH 370? Yep, It’s the greatest mystery in aviation history. MH 370 disappeared from secondary radar on 8 March 2014 at 0121 hrs. After that, not even a trace of it has been found. This flight remains as the greatest mystery in aviation history. For the past 6 years, 26 countries participatedContinue reading “What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?”

Tenerife Airport Disaster | Two planes collide at Gran Canaria Airport

Many people ask me what was the most deadly plane crash. Well, we have it here, The crash of KLM 4805 and Pan Am 1736… On 27 March 1977, above the Atlantic ocean… PA 1736 is on its way to Gran Canaria, Canary Island from Los Anglese with a technical stop in New York. PAContinue reading “Tenerife Airport Disaster | Two planes collide at Gran Canaria Airport”

Herpa Wings July / August releases

Herpa Wings is one of my favourite model companies. 32% of all my models are Herpa branded. Let’s take a look at Herpa’s 2020 July / August releases. 1/500 scale Lufthansa A321neo *New Livery* Emirates A380 Expo 2020 Livery Northwest Orient DC-10 Etihad B787-10 Dreamliner *Greenliner Livery* Qantas B767-200 Old Livery Scandinavian Airlines A350-900 SouthContinue reading “Herpa Wings July / August releases”

Southwest Airlines Fleet

What is Southwest Airlines? It should be known to most people. Southwest Airlines was founded on 15 March 1967. Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest low-cost carrier, operating 756 aircraft. Southwest Airlines’ fleet only consist of Boeing 737s. It operates the largest fleet of Boeing 737s. Now, let’s take a look at Southwest Airlines’ fleet.Continue reading “Southwest Airlines Fleet”

News | Covid-19 | Singapore Airlines recovers some of its flights

Earlier, we said that Singapore Airlines is suffering due to Covid-19. Now, Singapore Airlines recovers some of its flights. However, everyone has to follow some safety precautionary measures. For example, all Singapore Airlines passengers have to wear masks on board. Also, Singapore Airlines passengers will use a particular application for KrisWorld, KrisShop, and SilverKris. SingaporeContinue reading “News | Covid-19 | Singapore Airlines recovers some of its flights”

Singapore Airlines fleet

Singapore Airlines, an airline based on Singapore, is one of the top 3 airlines for many consecutive years. Singapore Airlines also has a special fleet, including only wide-body aircraft. However, Singapore Airlines ordered a few 737-8 MAX, breaking the wide-body rule. Now, let’s take a look at Singapore Airlines’ fleet as of February 2020. (InContinue reading “Singapore Airlines fleet”

The good old days of Singapore Airlines

Here is the list of retired aircraft of Singapore Airlines. 1. Concorde 2. A300B4 3. A300-600 4. A310 5. A340-300 6. A340-500 7. B707 8. B727 9. B737-100 10. B747-200 11. B747-300 12. B747-400 13. B757-200 14. DC-10 Now, let’s look at some accidents involving retired aircraft. Flight 006 crash at Taipei | Aircraft: BoeingContinue reading “The good old days of Singapore Airlines”