Covid-19 | The critical Malaysia Airlines situation

Hi, everyone. Today, I’m just gonna solemnly discuss about another painful subject: The shutting-down of Malaysia Airlines.

A lot of airlines are trying to cope with the current Covid-19 situation. Malaysia Airlines’ future is not going to be good at all. Malaysia Airlines is struggling for some time. If Malaysia Airlines does not receive more funding by November, it will go bankrupt, meaning it could not make any payments that are crucial for its survival. They hence become one of a handful of the other carriers that have announced that they are also low on money and could see this supply run out at any moment if they are not given the urgent funding required.

Why does Malaysia Airlines need these money? Basically, they need the money for fuel, catering and also landing fees.

Its fleet is also currently dwindling with 83 aircraft.

Luckily, my favorite airline, Singapore Airlines is (currently) not going to die. If Singapore Airlines really goes bankrupt, I promise, I will delete my YouTube channel.

Trip Report: Singapore Airlines' NEW business class [PHOTOS] - TravelSkills
Credit: Travel skills.

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