My honest opinion on the world’s top 10 best airlines 2020 rated by Skytrax

For 2020, I was quite furious with Skytrax to put Emirates in fifth place. I know that putting ANA, Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways in the top 3 is no problem, but flying with Cathay Pacific is not always a good experience. Well, no I’m not critisising Cathay but you ought to get the point. If Emirates and Cathay swap, it will be better.

Now, Thai Airways maybe does deserve 11th place as Air New Zealand should deserve 10th place. So, now, I’m going to tell you the top 10 aircraft in my honest opinion. If you do not agree with my ratings, please leave a comment below.

Number 10 is Air New Zealand, number 9 goes to Eva Air, Lufthansa takes the 8th place, Hainan Airlines takes the 7th, Qantas take 6th, 5th place goes to Cathay Pacific, 4th place goes to Emirates, ANA will take 3rd place, Qatar goes of 2nd, and finally Singapore Airlines comes in first place.

See what I mean? Putting Thai Airways in the 10th position is not even the least bit correct. I mean, who would prefer normal economy seats to Air NZ Skycouch?

Created from PowerPoint. Credit: Thai Airways,, ThePointsGuy

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