H1: Boeing 777 family

The Boeing 777 is the largest twin-jet airliner. The Boeing 777 family is large and it has many variants. Today, we are going to take a look at the Boeing 777 family.

1. Boeing 777-200

The image above is a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-267 B-HNL. The Boeing 777-200 series is starting to retire from many airlines’ fleet for example Delta Airlines.

2. Boeing 777-200ER

The picture above is a Boeing 777-200ER registered as G-YMMH. The 777-200ER has a slightly longer range than the Boeing 777-200.

3. Boeing 777-200LR

The picture above is the Boeing 777-200LR N703DN. The 777-200LR holds the 2nd longest range in the world after the A350ULR.

4. Boeing 777-300

The picture above shows the Boeing 777-300 A6-ENF.

5. 777-300ER

The picture above shows the 777-300ER 9V-SNA. The 777-300ER has a long range of 13,650km.

6. 777-8

The 777-8 is developed from the 777-200LR. It has an outstanding range of more than 16,000 km. The main difference of this aircraft as compared to the 777-9 shown below is that the 777-8 is slightly shorter than the 777-9 and has only four full-size door across the fuselage. The 777-8 and -9 has a special item called the folding winglet.

7. 777-9

The picture above shows the 777-9 taking off for its first flight on 25 January 2020, earlier this year. The 777-9 tends to be the world’s largest twin-engine commercial jet. The 777-9, developed from the 777-300ER, has a range 460 km further than the 777-300ER with the same weight, approximately 14,110 km. The range of the 777-9 when fully loaded is about 13,500 km.

Watch the video below to see the 777-9 taking off for the first time on 25 January 2020.

00:37 – Nose Gear lifts off

00:38 – Whole aircraft up into the air!

Will be hoping to see the 777-9 in my favorite airlines’ (Singapore Airlines) livery!

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