Singapore Airlines fleet

Singapore Airlines, an airline based on Singapore, is one of the top 3 airlines for many consecutive years. Singapore Airlines also has a special fleet, including only wide-body aircraft. However, Singapore Airlines ordered a few 737-8 MAX, breaking the wide-body rule. Now, let’s take a look at Singapore Airlines’ fleet as of February 2020. (In fleet – INF; Orders – O; If there are no orders, you won’t see the order icon)

Present fleet


A330-300 | INF: 10

A350-900 | INF: 41 | O: 19

A350-900ULR | INF: 7

A380-800 | INF: 19


B777-200ER | INF: 4

B777-300 | INF: 3

B777-300ER | INF: 27

B787-10 | INF: 15 | O: 29

Present cargo fleet

B747-400F | INF: 7



B737-8 MAX | O: 37

B777-9X | O: 20

Watch the video below!

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