The good old days of Singapore Airlines

Here is the list of retired aircraft of Singapore Airlines.

1. Concorde

2. A300B4

3. A300-600

4. A310

5. A340-300

6. A340-500

7. B707

8. B727

9. B737-100

10. B747-200

11. B747-300

12. B747-400

13. B757-200

14. DC-10

Now, let’s look at some accidents involving retired aircraft.

  1. Flight 006 crash at Taipei | Aircraft: Boeing 747-400 | Reg. 9V-SPK
  1. Flight 117 hijaked by Pakistani | Aircraft: A310 | Reg. 9V-STP (9V-STP now used for a A330-343 of SIA)

Let’s now take a look at the present fleet of Singapore Airlines.

  1. A330-300
  2. A350-900XWB
  3. A350-900ULR
  4. A380-800
  5. B777-200ER (Retiring ’cause of Covid-19)
  6. B777-300
  7. B777-300ER
  8. B787-10
  9. B747-400F (Cargo)

Now, one incident involving present aircraft.

Flight 368 Fire at Singapore Changi | Aircraft: B777-300ER | Reg. 9V-SWB

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